About Herrick Kimball & His Whizbang Business (by: Herrick Kimball)

The picture above is of me with a couple of just-plucked chickens right out of my homemade Whizbang chicken plucker, I developed the design for that absolutely amazing device almost ten years ago. Then I put the plans together in a humble homemade plan book titled Anyone Can Build a Tub-Style Mechanical Chicken Plucker. I had 100 copies of the book printed at a quick-print shop. That was the beginning of my home business, Whizbang Books.

Since then, many thousands of copies of my plucker plan book have been sold, and thousands of Whizbang pluckers have been made. Along the way I started making and selling parts to help people make their own plucker.

Building off the modest but tangible success of the plucker book, I self-published more books. The Complete Guide to Making Great Garlic Powder: Homegrown & Homemade Secrets From a Garlic Powder Guru was my next book. Then came the book, Anyone Can Build a Whizbang Chicken Scalder. In 2007 I published Anyone Can Build a Whizbang Garden Cart. Then, earlier this year (2009), I published Anyone Can Build a Whizbang Apple Grinder & Cider Press.

Now, instead of publishing a how-to book about making a Planet Whizbang wheel hoe, I’ve decided to publish the how-to information for FREE here on the internet.

Whizbang Books (& project parts) is a part-time home business. My focus is on providing people with down-to-earth inspiration and how-to information. With that in mind, I have also published numerous other internet how-to essays. Here are links to a selection of those writings:

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Whizbang Apple Cider

When I’m not writing, publishing, taking care of the mail order business, or working my full-time factory job in the city, I’m spending time with my family and working on our little homestead here in the rural countryside of upstate New York. We live simply and close to the land, providing many of our needs without being dependent on the Industrial Providers. In time, I hope to build Whizbang Books into a business that will allow me to quit the factory job. That’s the goal.

I’ve also self-published a book which is part memoir and part celebration of the Christian-agrarian lifestyle my family actively pursues. The book is titled, Writings of a Deliberate Agrarian.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me and my Whizbang business. I hope you will take time to check out some of the above links. And if you do, you will discover a wealth of internet writings far beyond what I’ve mentioned here.

Best Whizbang Wishes,

Herrick Kimball