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Order Your
Wheel Hoe Parts Here

This web site gives you the information you need to build a Planet Whizbang wheel hoe from scratch, without the need to buy anything sold below. But if you are not skilled with working metal and wood, or you just want to save time, you can purchase the following parts right now with a few clicks of your mouse. You can also Print Off This Order Form and mail your order in. 

When you order hoe parts, you are purchasing directly from Herrick Kimball, the guy who developed the Planet Whizbang wheel hoe and created this web site. I have been selling plan books and project parts on the internet for several years. Click Here to read more about me & my Whizbang business

The Metal Parts Kit

This hardware parts kit contains all the metal parts you need to build your own wheel hoe (except the wheel, which you can Get Here). The steel parts are rough-cut so you will need to file away sharp edges and spray-paint the pieces before bolting them together, as this web site fully explains (Click Here to begin reading the instructions). 

In addition to the parts, every kit contains heavy-paper templates to help you make the wood hoe handles, as explained in Step 4 of the instructions.

Availability: Back in stock & ready to ship. Supply is limited.
Price: $127.95 (postage paid)

Metal Parts Kit
with Handle Spreader Dowel 

This hardware parts kit is just like the one described above but it also included a wood dowel handle spreader. Buying the handle spreader with the kit saves you the trouble of making the handle spreader (as explained in Step 4 of the tutorial). 

Availability: Back in stock & ready too ship. Supply is limited. 
Price: $134.95 (postage paid)

Planet Whizbang
Ash Handle Set

Step 4 of the instructions tells you exactly how to make your own inexpensive wheel hoe handles. Or you can just buy a set of handles from me right here and now. The handles I sell are not inexpensive, but you will be hard pressed to find better quality. 

Please note that the handles I sell are sized to accommodate people of average height. Click Here for more information about handle sizing 

These handles are made of 7/8” thick seasoned ash. Two handles and a spreader dowel are included in the set. I have gone to the trouble of precisely drilling the handles for the bolts and spreader dowel, so you don’t have to do any of that. You will, however, need to give these handles a coating of wood sealer (i.e., boiled linseed oil). Also, the handles are planed smooth but you will probably want to do a little sanding prior to applying the preservative.

Availability: In Stock
Price: $94.95 (postage paid and shipped by USPS Priority)

"Factory Second" 
Ash Handle Set

I have a limited supply of these "factory second" ash handle sets. They are exactly like offered above (with the necessary holes drilled, and including the ash spreader dowel) but they have some sort of minor flaw. It might be a chipped section of wood, or some roughness in the surface, or an unsightly knot, but the flaw does not detract from the strength or functional usefulness of the handles. 

Availability: Sold Out 
Price: $60.00 (postage paid & shipped by UPS Ground)

8" Spring Steel
Stirrup Blade 

The Planet Whizbang Wheel Hoe Parts Kit (at the top of this page) includes one of these incredibly durable spring steel hoe blades with chamfer-sharpened edges, and under normal conditions the blade will last you for years. But if you are making your own hoe from scratch, or you just want to have a spare blade on hand, you can order one or more right now. Each blade comes with the attachment hardware, as shown in the picture. 

Availability: Temporarily Out of Stock 
Price: $24.95 each (postage paid)

8" Hoe Arm 
With Stirrup Blade

Both of these items are included in the metal parts kit but you from-scratch hoe makers can purchase just the parts, as shown in the picture. 

Availability: Temporarily Out of Stock
Price: $49.95 (postage paid)

10" Hoe Arm 
With Stirrup Blade

This 10" oscillating blade arm and blade gives you an extra 2" of cultivating width. But you should be aware that the extra width amounts to a little extra drag on the tool. In other words, hoeing is not as easy with a 10" blade as it is with the "standard issue" 8" blade that's included in the parts kits. These arms are not painted red. They need to be painted, just like the metal parts in the hoe kit.

Availability: In stock & ready to ship 
Price: $59.95 (postage paid)