10" Stirrup Blades
Are Now Available

The standard Planet Whizbang wheel hoe I tell how to make on this web site has an 8" wide oscillating stirrup blade. And the basic wheel hoe I sell (either in kit or completed form), has the 8" blade as "standard issue."

However, many Planet Whizbang hoe users have told me they would like a 10" blade. So I've fabricated a batch of these blades and they are now available. Details are below.

I'd like to say that if you are reading this and you are new to the wheel hoe, I strongly suggest that you begin with the 8" blade. I consider it a general purpose size and, after using the 10" blade, I can tell you that the 8" blade offers less resistance—which means it is easier to push through the soil. That just makes sense.

In time, I may offer a 12" wide stirrup blade. But I don't expect to get any wider than that. I think a wider blade will be much more discouraging to work with and it will put too much stress on the attachment hardware.

As for other attachments, I fully intend to come out with a furrower and cultivator in time but they will not be available in 2011. The Planet Whizbang is primarily a weed-destroyer and nothing is better at keeping weeds under control than an oscillating stirrup blade . Here's info now about the 10" blade...

10" Oscillating Stirrup Blade

The 10" wide oscillating blade, pictured at the top of this page, has a blade arm made of 1/4" steel. That's 1/16" thicker than my 8" oscillating hoe blade. It makes for a stronger arm, which I think is needed with the wider blade. The spring steel blade is the same incredibly durable tempered spring steel I use to make the 8" stirrup blades. This next picture shows a new 10" hoe arm next to the heavily-used 8" attachment off my own Planet Whizbang wheel hoe.

The next picture gives you a different perspective on how the blades compare. By the way, the 10" hoe arms I'm selling here are powder-painted red.

Pricing of The 10" Stirrup Blade

10" Oscillating Hoe Arm and Blade 
Shipped in the US
Availability: In stock & ready to ship
Price: $55.00 (postage paid and shipped by USPS Priority mail)

10" Oscillating Hoe Arm and Blade
Shipped To Canada

Availability: In stock & ready to ship
Price: $60.00 (postage paid and shipped by International Flat Rate envelope)

10" Oscillating Hoe Arm and Blade
To The Rest of The World

Availibility: In Stock & Ready To Ship

Other Countries: $65.00 (postage paid and shipped by International Flat Rate envelope)

You can also order by mail. Send payment to:

Planet Whizbang
PO Box 1117
Moravia, NY 13118