You Can Be A Planet Whizbang Pioneer

I am launching the Planet Whizbang wheel hoe in the spring of 2009 with an initial production run of 250 Hoe Parts Kits. To commemorate this historic event and have some fun with the occasion, I am issuing a very official Planet Whizbang Pioneer Certificate to those people who purchase one of these very first 250 hoes. Here’s a picture of one of the certificates:

As you can see, this official certificate is beautifully designed and features the exciting new Planet Whizbang logo of a fresh beet encircled with golden Saturnal rings. This is one of those bits of ephemera that is destined to be a sought-after agrarian collectible of the future!

Ownership of one of these numbered certificates will be your proof of membership in the exclusive community of down-to-earth Planet Whizbang folks.

But wait. That’s not all..... Every Planet Whizbang Pioneer will, upon being issued their personalized certificate, be authorized to use the honorable abbreviated suffix of P.W.P. after their name on all official and unofficial documents.

So that’s what being a Planet Whizbang Pioneer is all about. Don’t let this one-time opportunity to be a part of history pass you buy. Order a Planet Whizbang Wheel Hoe Parts Kit today.

Update: March 2011
The first 250 Planet Whizbang wheel hoes have now been sold. My sincere thanks and hearty congratulations go out to all the Planet Whizbang Pioneers!