Here's Another Option:
Already-Made Planet Whizbangs

The primary focus of this web site is to teach you how to make your own Planet Whizbang wheel hoe. The simple, step-by-step online plans I provide here are absolutely free. Lots of people out there are using these plans to fabricate their own Planet Whizbang hoe (or a close variation) without any further help from me.

But some people would like a little help with the project. That's why I provide inexpensive, bolt-together metal parts kits, as well as individual parts (click here for details).

For those of you who would like a LOT of help with making a Planet Whizbang wheel hoe... I am offering painted and assembled units!

These assembled PW hoes are powder coat painted, and include the tire. All that remains for you to do is attach the handles. You can make your own handles, as shown in
Step 4 of this web site's hoe-making tutorial. Or you can purchase the already-made handles I make
(Available Here).

When you get one of these already-assembled hoes from me, it will come with short lengths of pine boards bolted on where the handles go, as shown in this next picture:

So all you’ll need to do is unbolt those wood pieces and attach your handles. No mess. No fuss. Then you can get right to work cultivating your garden.

I charge $199 for an already-made wheel hoe like you see in the above pictures. That’s $80 more than the bolt-together metal parts kit I sell. For that additional $80 I’ve filed away the sharp metal edges on the various metal parts, had the parts powder coated (a very nice paint job), and assembled the entire unit (including the tire, which is not part of the metal parts kit I sell). Better yet, that $199 price includes UPS shipping anywhere in the lower 48 states!

[Contact me by e-mail for postage costs if you live in Alaska, Hawaii, or outside the United States. My e-mail is:]

To order one of these assembled (except for the handles) wheel hoes, simply click on the PayPal button below:

UPDATE: As of 13 April 2011 my inventory of these assembled wheel hoe bodies is depleted and I have decided not to make any more. My Whizbang business endeavors have consumed so much time that I was unable to properly tend to my garden. When things are that busy, then things are too busy! So this aspect of the business is on hold for now. You can still purchase the inexpensive bolt-together Planet Whizbang metal parts kits to make your own wheel hoe.  The ash handle sets are also still available (at that same link). I intend to keep selling the kits for years to come. Thank you.